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Your Guide To All On Four Implants – One Day Implants

To have a healthy mouth throughout your life, you must take good care of it. People who have had an accident that resulted in injury or trauma to the jaw. Or who have encountered various disorders that may have resulted in the loss of teeth face a substantial difficulty?

If this happens to you, don’t despair. Your dentist in Banstead has a variety of treatment alternatives at his disposal. A new surgery dubbed ‘All-on-4’ replaces the patient’s full set of teeth on both the top and bottom jaws and is one such alternative. To better understand this dental implants Surrey treatment. We think it’s necessary to go through some of the most prevalent causes of tooth loss. And the consequences that missing teeth may have on one’s general health.

What Causes Teeth Loss?

Our teeth are firmly anchored in place by a combination of hard tissues and solid bone. Unfortunately, in some cases, this isn’t enough to keep all of your teeth for good. Injuries to the jaw are one of the most prevalent causes of tooth loss. A person can lose some teeth or large number of teeth as a consequence of a strong or abrupt collision.

Other dental health issues, such as gum disease, oral cancer, or severe stages of tooth decay, may be to blame in certain instances of tooth loss. If you’ve lost a tooth, it’s important to treat the root cause of the problem, as well as fix or replace the tooth itself. When all of a patient’s natural teeth must be removed to cure the ailment, an artificial set of teeth must be used to replace the ones that were lost.

Replacing Missing Teeth Is Critical For Several Reasons:

The lack of teeth in the jaw may have long-term detrimental implications on general health if they are not replaced. First and foremost, the inability to properly consume and chew food may lead to a reduction in the nutritional value of a person’s diet. As a result, a lack of self-confidence and a negative influence on mental health might result from the loss of teeth.

Additionally, bone density loss is accelerated in the jaw when teeth are absent. The presence of teeth in the jaw greatly influences its structural strength because chewing stimulates bone development and density. When teeth are lost, there is a decrease in stimulation, which results in a decrease in bone density in the jaw. When teeth are missing, they should be replaced as quickly and effectively as feasible.

How Do You Replace A Missing Tooth?

Procedures for replacing individual teeth might vary widely. Occasionally, if the injury isn’t too extensive, a single tooth may be reinserted into the jaw to aid in the healing process. A dental bridge is an option in certain situations. 

A prosthetic tooth, known as a “bridge,” is attached to the teeth on either side of the gap using strong dental glue. Despite this, bridges are not meant to replace the root of the lost tooth, which extends into the gums and jaw of the patient, and hence cannot be used as a substitute for dental implants Surrey.

When the issue is not just a single tooth, but numerous missing teeth, a different approach is needed. Dentures, which are one-piece replacement teeth that are kept in place by a denture adhesive, are the most common treatment. 

Dentures are a solution to the issue of missing teeth, however, they aren’t the most long-term or secure. Additionally, dentures don’t address bone density loss, as they don’t replace the roots of the teeth. This is something to keep in mind.

All-On-4 Dental Implants Are A Great Option

There are several advantages to using the All-on-4 procedure overdentures in practically every aspect.

What Is the Process of All-on-4?

With the All-on-4 system, you receive the most lifelike replacement teeth. With the most stable and secure fit of any tooth-replacement procedure by combining dental implant technology with full-arch dentures.

Dental implants placed in both the upper and lower jaws are the foundation of the All-on-4 system. As implied by the procedure’s descriptive name. The patient’s mouth is supported by four implants that attach a full set of natural-looking replacement teeth in place. ‘All-on-4’ refers to the procedure in which all of a patient’s teeth are attached to four dental implants on each jaw.

All-On-4 Surgery Is Completed In How Many Hours?

With all of these advantages in mind, we assume that although you are intrigued by the idea of All-on-4. You may have some lingering doubts or reservations about the treatment itself. One of the most often asked concerns regarding the All-on-4 treatment is how long it will take to complete. 

The All-on-4 surgery itself may give a patient a complete set of replacement teeth in as little as one day after the patient is ready. And any underlying oral health concerns that may present have been effectively treated.

An easy procedure involves placing four dental implants Surrey in the upper jaw and four in the lower jaw. Until the healing process is complete. The patient will wear a temporary set of replacement teeth attached to the implants. 

When you reach this stage, all that’s left is a quick trip to the dentist’s office for the final permanent replacement tooth appliance to be installed and examined. Simply keeping up with your regular dental examinations and using an efficient at-home oral hygiene program is all that’s required after that. 

Wrapping Up 

There is no time or age to spare in obtaining dental treatment. You can restore a healthy, strong mouth and a complete set of beautiful teeth as you wish. If you or someone you love has endured the loss of several teeth. 

If you’re interested in learning more about All-on-4 and how it may restore your smile, our dentists are here to help. To learn more about the All-on-4 dental implants Surrey and to schedule a consultation. In the event you have any queries or issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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