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The fact that most of the changes made by YouTube were controversial is a bit of an understatement. Between reducing the number of dislikes and constantly increasing the number of ads that play before the user. (How many of them are we seeing today? ) It appeared that there was nothing being put into helping creators increase their following or earn money.

But this is about to be changing. Alongside updating the Partner Program of YouTube to allow creators to earn advertising revenue from short videos. YouTube has recently announced several new features aimed at making the platform an educational resource. Content creators can use completely change how they conduct business.

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What is YouTube Doing for Teachers and Students?

If it’s prompted by the popularity of popular hashtags like #LearnOnTikTok or is closely following the progress of online courses platforms such as Skillshare or Thinkific. YouTube is working on various educational features for creators and their viewers. This is a brief overview of the next features that are in the pipeline at YouTube:

New YouTube Players

The new video player will not require ads and be embedded into a range of educational applications. At present, Edpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global have been announced as partners.

In-built Course

Educational creators who’ve built a following on YouTube are soon in a position to earn money from their viewers directly through YouTube. In 2023, the most qualified YouTube creators will be able to offer paid and free courses.


An excellent way to generate greater engagement with your followers is Quizzes let YouTube creators test the viewers on their understanding.

Certain of these features, like Quizzes, may be available within the next few months. However, all of them should be ready by 2023. It appears that YouTube will be able to provide other platforms for education with a chance for their money very soon.

Who Are the Top Educators on YouTube?

While the features will transform YouTube into a major competitor for services. Such as Skillshare, aren’t yet in the future. There’s already a plethora of creators who are educational on YouTube. According to data from YouTube that 93% of its users utilize it to be informed about something or another. Here are a handful of the creators that serve this crowd.


The channel was the idea by Derek Muller, an Australian-Canadian creator who holds the distinction of having a Ph.D. in the field of physics education. Which makes him ideally suited for work as an educational creator. While his content tends to focus on the sciences of physics as well as other disciplines. But he doesn’t be afraid to tackle other subjects. Such as discussing what it takes to become an expert in a particular area.


Are you a mathematician who wants to become one? Or perhaps you’re trying to learn more about one particular subject. But are noting about how your math teacher did the right thing in the end? In any case, this instructional creator’s videos use animation to explain visually the various topics that range from easy to complicated. If you’re a visual-oriented learner, this is the channel to follow.


The channel was the brainchild by Mitch Moffit and Greg Brown who both majored in biology at university. A large portion of the content they broadcast is scientific including topics from napping and robotics, to the doom-scrolling dreadful.

Khan Academy

This channel is among the closest ones to a single-stop shop that you can discover on YouTube for various subjects. The channel was created and is operated by Sal Khan; this channel includes more than 6,500 videos on issues ranging from sewage treatment to how science-based embryology has proven the theory of evolution.

Simple History

If you’re a budding historian with a fascination with military history. Be sure to check out this channel that was created by Daniel Turner. You may be inspired by the tenacity and determination of Spartan recruits or the mysterious weaponry that emerged from the aftermath of World War I; the animated content of this channel will have you spouting obscure historical information in a flash.

The Plain Bagel

Richard Coffin, the man behind The Plain Bagel, is a chartered financial analyst and the Certified Financial Planner. He dissects all kinds of financial subjects that relate to bankruptcy, from the way it works to the reason why investing in meme stocks is typically an unwise choice.

How Do You Become an Educator Creator?

Are you looking to join YouTube’s creators of educational content? With a huge audience waiting to see your content However, there are some items you must be aware of before hitting the start.

Select Your Topic

Although many content creators own platforms that offer a wide variety of topics but they typically pick one area and develop around the topic. They often pick an area they’re familiar with, either due to professional experience or passion for research. Here are a few of the most popular topics for education on YouTube:

  • Science: If you’re interested in the process of exploding things and “physics,” as the geeks call it — or deconstructing the most peculiar human processes it’s a subject which will give you plenty of ideas to explore.
  • Finance Budgeting: credit ratings as well as investment strategies are the basis of a lot of content available on YouTube. If you could add your own perspective to this, you can build an extremely popular channel.
  • History: You may focus on a particular historical period, or in an aspect that is common to the different periods, such as cooking or war.
  • Math: Write content on math, and you’ll see a lot of attention from children trying to wrap the concept of their assignments and older adults who’ve discovered the amount of algebra that they’ve lacked.
  • Philosophy: There’s an abundance of videos on the works that of Marcus Aurelius and Plato, you may locate a niche with obscure philosophers.

Get Your Research Abilities

A very crucial aspects of the process of making educational content is researching. The last thing you would like to do is work for endless hours on a single piece of content, and then realize you need to begin again because you didn’t know an important fact.

While searching for information on Wikipedia is a fantastic method of getting a quick overview of different issues, you’ll need to know more in order to become an educator or creator of educational content. Learn about the local library, browse documentaries, and discover how to utilize tools like Google Scholar.

Check That Your Video Production Abilities Are Up to Date

Although experience and knowledge are a great asset for content creators but it’s essential that they are able to create videos that viewers enjoy watching.

If video-making isn’t an option in your arsenal There are plenty of online courses and videos to help you get it happen. Be sure to invest the time to improve your skills, so that your work is a reflection of the effort you’ve have put into it.

Improve Your Skills

Content creators are one of the most multi-faceted individuals out there. They need to be skilled at editing, filming research marketing and the list goes on. If you’d like to make an income from the creation of content, you’ll need to keep working to enhance your abilities. Learn courses to strengthen your weaknesses, and make sure you build on those strengths and be willing to leave your comfort zone in order to gain new abilities.

One Lesson

While paid and free classes, quizzes, and much more aren’t likely to be accessible through YouTube up to 2023, there’s still plenty that you can create right now in case you’ve ever thought of using your expertise to help other people. Be on the lookout for the date you’ll be able to access YouTube’s latest features, and continue to create amazing content before then.

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