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Family Photo Frames – Hang These Beautiful and Attractive Artworks According to the Vastu Shastra!

In the latest homes, several kinds of photos, paintings, frames, and family images are used to improve the decoration of the wall. An image is not just a piece of decoration but it has deep meaning and positive energy at home. That’s why; it becomes the most important task to go ahead with hanging pictures. There are various types of photo frames available in the whole market. Also, we should understand the value and importance of hanging images on the walls.

Nowadays, family photo frames play an important role in making your adobe modern. But, it is essential to place them in the right direction according to the Vastu Shashtra. These kinds of items are considered more significant for collecting emotions and memories. Undoubtedly, every human being carries a different and special aura that can be defined by photographs. It is recommended to place these images as per Vastu principles. By placing them in the right direction, you can avail several energies and make a peaceful and lovable aura in your life.

What are the Best Directions for Placing a Family Photo Frame?

Are you going to place pictures of your family on the walls? Have you considered a decorative design or pattern? If not, visit WallMantra to attain the latest and modern designs for these artworks. However, you should always hang these images as per the Vastu tips like:

  • It has been noticed that positive energies begin from the Northeast, North, and East Directions.
  • These directions are known as open and light-weighted for the home.
  • Dwellers should not place family photos on the walls of these directions at home.
  • It is good to place such pictures in the South, Southwest, and West Directions. These directions are best and bring positive vibes to your home.
  • Apart from the 5 natural elements, the Southwest direction is always preferred to the element of Earth. Thus, this direction is known as heavy and can be used for placing photo frames, paintings, and images of nature, tall buildings, and so on.
  • On Southwest direction’s walls, family images are best and favorable for the dwellers.

Some Do’s for Placing Family Photo Frames Accurately at Home

At WallMantra, one can obtain multiple artworks with the latest designs and styles. Nowadays, people are buying beautiful and designable pieces to adorn the walls of their homes. Similarly, if you are hanging family pictures then follow some important things:

  • As we said that Southwest direction is the best and most favorable for placing marriage, couple, and family photos. Generally, the master bedroom in the direction of Southwest is best to place the couple pictures for obtaining positive energy.
  • The Northeast direction is related to the water element. Hence, one can use spiritual and religious images in such directions. These are, for example, pictures of landscapes, lakes, gardens, waterfalls, and rivers that are the best for this direction.
  • The Northwest direction is related to nature’s element of air. It belongs to freedom and flexibility. However, it is also the best area to place decorative and adorning pictures or paintings. It mainly shows the flow or movement of the air in your adobe. Here, you can go through the images of airplanes, flying birds, flying petals, and so on.
  • Lastly, the Southeast direction is linked to the element of fire. This area is better known for women where you can place images of happy and smiling ladies. Usually, the South and Southeast directions are also best for hanging paintings and pictures of human beings.

Some Don’ts While Hanging Family Photo Frames Accurately at Home

Above are the most essential steps that help individuals to hang the photo frames in an inaccurate manner. Similarly, here are some things that you shouldn’t do if you want to hang these mounts correctly:

  • Make sure not to place the images of your kids and family along with the staircase. Many human beings like to display their images near the staircase area. But, it is not a good manner according to the principles of Vastu Shastra.
  • If a toilet or bathroom is attached to your room, you should not use bathroom walls for hanging these pictures. If your bathroom is in the right direction, still you don’t have to put images on this wall.
  • In your puja room or prayer hall, images of our ancestors and elders shouldn’t be kept. This will show negativity on your premises.
  • Lastly, don’t fill your house with an excess amount of pictures or paintings. Multiple images can make the walls ugly. Hence, ensure that your house should look minimal and simple with an accurate number of family photo frames.

How to Shop For Beautiful Family Photo Frames Online?

Seriously, several platforms are available that provide different types of elegant home appliances. But, are you looking for a reliable and authentic platform? If yes then WallMantra may be your first and last choice. Honestly, here you can acquire endless designs and styles for the framework. Also, it includes other accessories like bedsheets, planters, organizers, teepee tents, bed sheets, TV units, cushion covers, curtains, paintings, mirrors, clocks, wall hangings, shelves, and others. So, you can pick out any of these elegant appliances for home décor.


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