Want to See Other Devices Logged into Your Google Account – Here’s How You Can Do It?

Have you somehow forgotten to log out of your Gmail account from your friend’s computer and not you are wondering whether you have logged out or not? Do not worry, Google now provides its users with a feature in which they can very easily see all the devices. Which have logged in to your Google account be it laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or any other device. And not only this but Google also provides the IP address of the device along with its name on which our device has been active for the last 28 days.

In this blog, we are going to tell our users about the same. So that they can know on what all devices have their account been active and on what devices it is still logged in. The users who are not aware of how to see it need to go through this article completely. So that they can know the steps and the ways to find and see other devices logged in to your Google account.

We all know that a Google account gives you access to a wide range of features and services. Which the users can access like services of Gmail, Google ads, YouTube, and whatnot. And not only this but your access to these services is also protected by a username and a password as well. Which the users have created for their account. The best part of this service is that the users just need to create an account on Google. And they can access other services like Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, etc using this account of Gmail. And they can use the same account for all and keep it logged in on these services as well.

Viewing the Recently Devices Where the Account was Logged in –

Google also offers the users the option of recently used devices. This allows you to see and trace other devices logged in to your Google account and they can do this and they can see the specific devices which are accessing your Google account. The users can find this feature in the option in the settings tab and in the settings tab they will see the option of sign-in and security account tab. As soon as you will click on this option you will be able to see the devices. When is log into your account you will be able to see a list of the same? Along with the device name, the users will also be able to see the IP address of the device. And they will also the time when the device was active and accessed your account.

When you will click on any of the devices you will be able to see more information like the Google account device history. Which will include information like the browser’s name, location of the device and other information like this.

It would be great for you if all the devices you see are yours. And you are the person who has logged into your account using that device. But if any chance you see a device that is not yours and you do not remember logging in it. Then you can look for the option of securing your account and then click on it. So that you can secure your account from that device.

Watching the IP Addresses Which are Sign into Gmail –

If you want to see the feature of watching the IP address of the devices. You need to visit Gmail on your web and then select it. And then click on the option of details so that you can click on it. Which you will find at the bottom of the page in the right corner.

The page which will open will let you tell if you are sign in. And then you can see which type of device has actually logged into your account and then you can also know who has accessed it. You will be able to see more details of the device. On which you are log in by clicking on the option of more details. And if there is some suspicious device then make sure to log out from it and protect your account.

If you want to log out of some device from your account then you can log out of that particular device by selecting it. But if you have changed your password and you do not want your account to be logged in any of the devices. Then you can simply go for log-out Gmail account from all devices. Which will remove your account as well as its information from all the devices. On which it was previously login to secure your account and its information as well.

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