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Webmaster’s duties and tools to deal with them

These days, a successful webmaster simply has to be a jack-of-all-trades and all-round soldier in the field of web development. In most cases a webmaster alone has to work in place of a support team. For the high-quality performance of tasks of such a wide profile, a webmaster surely needs to use specific programs and services. And to help webmasters to cope with this, there are a lot of universal services. The most famous, of course, products from Google. In fact, there are many more tools, especially when the webmaster faces complex tasks. But beforehand, a webmaster must know his field of work.

Webmaster’s main tasks

For skillful webmasters, the standard Google tools are often not enough. Because a true professional webmaster of the digital age must be able to:

Webmaster’s main tasks and tools for this

  • Basic knowledge of frontend, backend and web programming.
  • Web design and CSS basic understanding.
  • Know database and server configuration and maintenance basics as well as hosting and domain configuration.
  • Understand mobile-related web-development,
  • Have at least basic content creation and SEO skills and

In addition, sometimes specific functionality is required that industry giants do not want to implement consciously or cannot because of legal restrictions. And there are no limits to perfection yet – many services develop and improve existing functions. Therefore, today there are so many tools for webmasters that it is very, very easy to get confused in them.

Useful tools for webmasters

One of the best trends of the modern internet age is the emergence of online tools. Instead of downloading the app to your device, you can simply use the online subscription tools. In fact, such services offer packages of tools that are sure to come in handy for any webmaster or website owner.


This is a great place for free website building, hosting and web tools. Whether you’re just learning how to build websites, or just looking for something quick and easy, this is a great place to start. You can use their simple drag and drop website builder and free web hosting with plenty of memory to create and launch a website in minutes.


Toolkit which you can find here was created to help webmasters design and customize their websites for search engine optimization for various search engines. There are over 80 free tools to test or optimize your website and help you manage it.

Useful tools for webmasters


Canva may just be the simplest graphic tool out there. While graphics and illustrations are not usually the domain of a webmaster, this website can make you a do-it-yourselfer forever. This is a one stop shop for creating amazing designs online.

Google Search Console

This is a completely free and indispensable service that Google offers to all webmasters. The Search Console is completely separate from Google’s indexing and page rankings and helps you optimize your website and its content for search engines. This is the place where you can monitor your website’s performance, identify issues, identify content you don’t want indexed, and more.

Website monitoring and best tools for it

Website monitoring is the basis of any webmaster’s work, but anyone who has been seriously and for a long time faced with this process can say with confidence that this is a very difficult task. At the very least, its existence causes difficulties, since website monitoring itself takes up a very large part of the working time, and there is practically no time left for something else, especially if you work alone. But, considering the emergence of online toolkits, every webmaster can use one of the specialized platforms for monitoring websites.

And one of the most prominent website monitoring services is Host Tracker, a good set of AIO website monitoring tools designed to be an assistant for webmasters in every possible task. It has a wide range of features, a two-step setup sequence, a blacklist checker service, server hardware monitors and a bit more, even a Google Ads controller. And it is also capable of rebooting servers in case of freezes or hardware issues if they occur before pointing them out and notifying the webmaster. free use.

Website monitoring and best tools for it

Overall, Host Tracker has an excellent set of tools with a high degree of usability, high flexibility, and high customization options. Of course, it is not as simple as some of its counterparts, and not as extremely complex as others. However, it’s not too lean or overloaded with all sorts of stuff for a whole team of network engineers that a webmaster would never need inherently. So, if you are not a whole team of experienced professionals, but still want yourself a good and versatile set of website monitoring tools and a little more, then Host Tracker should be your choice.

Website monitoring and Google Ads issues

Anyone who has a website probably wants to be sure that the advertising campaign will be successful. And when launching an advertising campaign, website owners want nothing to interfere with their work. But even the most reliable websites sometimes become inaccessible.

Thus, if for any reason the website becomes unavailable, the Google Ads system completely blocks all of your advertising campaigns. The reason for inaccessibility does not matter for this contextual advertising service. And the website owner can only restore it manually. But that’s not the worst of it.

Website monitoring and Google Ads issues

In addition, Google’s analyzer blocks ads if a web page contains errors or is incorrectly configured. But Google suspends advertising campaigns on websites only if they are completely inaccessible to users. Google systems do not notice a large number of minor failures, special failures and errors on an Adwords-enabled website.

Given the above, website owners and webmasters will need to constantly monitor the stability and availability of the website for various problems. And such a reliable tool as HostTracker will undoubtedly help you track down problems and prevent their occurrence. This service automatically checks the status of the website. System automatically suspends all Google-related ad campaigns before its blocking system takes any action. And as soon as the website starts working properly, the service will turn on ad campaigns online again.

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