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Which is better Full lace Wig or Front Lace Wig?

The battle over full lace wigs human hair vs. lace frontal wigs human hair has raged on for quite some time in the wig-wearing community. With so many perks and features to consider before making your choice. It might be tricky to choose which of these wigs is best for you. Don’t worry; we compare each of these wig types in depth in this post so you can determine which wig will be most suitable for you. 

Before we get into the comparison, for those of you who are new to wearing wigs. We’ve compiled key qualities to know about each of these types of wigs.

Lace Front Wigs


Front lace wigs 
Front lace wigs


Lace front wigs are a popular wig choice among wig users, renowned for the immaculate illusion of a natural hairline. The translucent lace is only visible on the front edges, hence the name. 

These wig edges might need to be cut before using the wig. But most lace front wigs come pre-cut to save you the trouble. To learn more about lace fronts, all you need to do is read our guide on all you need to know about lace front wigs. 

Full Lace Wigs



Full lace wigs have a full lace base, which means you can wear these wigs in any style you like, which is why many choose full lace wigs. Compared to other wig bases, the lace makes the wig lighter on the head. Due to these advantages, this style of wig is more expensive than others like lace front wigs, which is to be expected given its high quality and handcrafted foundation.

Which Is The Better Investment?


Which is worth a pretty penny? 
Which is worth a pretty penny?


Since the entire base of the wig is made of lace, full lace wigs have better ventilation.  If you don’t enjoy wearing wig caps, lace front wigs may be a better option for you. While lace front wigs are made of different materials, lace at the front and elastic cap from the crown area is considered a better choice, and wig caps are not required for use.

Here’s a rundown of how each of these wigs compares against the other.


  • Realistic Appearance

One of the significant advantages of lace front wigs is the natural hairline impression they produce at the front of the hair. Depending on your preferred style, you can part your hair in the middle or on the sides with lace fronts. 

Nonetheless, your parting options are not limited to full lace wigs, and achieving a natural look is simple because of the realistic hairline. This is also applicable with lace fronts, but you will need to make sure everything in the back is covered to keep your wig hidden.


  • Style Adaptability 

Full lace wigs can be worn in any way you like, from high ponytails to braids. You can be creative without revealing that you’re wearing a wig. It’s vital to note that full lace wigs are frequently thinner than lace front wigs and, as a result, lack natural volume.

Lace fronts have a lot of natural thickness, but they can’t be styled in many ways as full lace fronts because the cap is made of a separate material.


  • Upkeep and Longevity

Both wig types can last up to 12 months or more with proper wig maintenance. It all depends on how frequently you wear them and how you store and care for them.


  • The Application

Lace fronts are attached at the front corners of the head, and, in terms of wig application. They’re rather simple to install after you’ve figured out your favorite technique.

Full lace wigs are also easy to put on. However, as previously stated, a wig cap is recommended for the application to make sure that the full lace wig is secure and does not irritate your scalp.


  • The Price

Although full lace wigs offer several advantages, they cost more than lace front wigs.


The Verdict


The verdict 
The verdict


There isn’t a clear and definite conclusion on whether lace front wigs or full lace wigs are superior because different people have different thoughts about it. It’s entirely up to you to decide which one is best suited for you, based on your personal style, wig-wearing habits, and overall budget. Both wigs have numerous advantages; you simply need to determine which ones are best for you. 

Remember that feeling comfortable is the key to feeling confident. So keep that in mind when choosing between the two wigs. 


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