Identification of Research Issues When Working On a Post-Graduate Research Dissertation

Conducting research and writing a dissertation is a complex process. It becomes more complex when you’re a post-graduate student. This is because you have to face various issues while writing your post-graduate dissertation. Sometimes in the middle of the dissertation, you don’t know what to do. You become confused, or you may get stuck at a point. This dissertation becomes more complex when you’re conducting scientific research.

Within this context, this article identifies the research issues you can face while working on a post-graduate research dissertation.

How lack of personal knowledge can affect your ability to research?

In the post-graduate dissertation, you have to conduct a research area that has not been discovered yet. You’re expected to conduct perfect research that can get published with ease as well. Usually, students feel a lack of knowledge while working on a post-graduate dissertation. Sometimes they lack interest in the dissertation, which affects their ability to work perfectly. Sometimes they are unable to understand the problem under discussion. These issues minimize your knowledge as well. That is why you feel a lack of personal knowledge while working on the dissertation.

Time Limitations

The research needs plenty of time and your attention. You need to spend enough time doing research as well. Students mostly have limited time for completing their research effectively. They also have a deadline for the draft submission of their post-graduate dissertation. Some topics need a lot of research, whereas others require plenty of time. This is one of the major research issues you face while writing a post-graduate thesis. It is also one of the causes of other issues. The time limitation aspect also gives you stress within this situation. These limitations cause work overload, anxiety, isolation, and frustration in the long/short term too.

Lack of Research Experience

Post-graduate Dissertation Proposal Writing Service needs more perfection. Here you have to conduct a lot of research for answering your research question. But simply conducting a lot of research is not sufficient. You have to ensure the right, relevant, and accurate type of research as a post-graduate student. Students lack experience in conducting research as well. This is because they’re not doing research in the right way due to a lack of experience. This lack of research experience affects other activities of research too. Students then lose their interest in the research activities. They lose interest in the writing of their post-graduate dissertations as well. It also affects factors of participation, as well as contribution regarding the students in these activities. But you can resolve this problem by getting help from your colleagues, or peers. You can also take workshops for improving your research skills in the future.

Lack of Funding

It is another issue that affects the process of writing a post-graduate dissertation. Lack of funding hinders your research to a great extent.

Post-graduate researchers are usually of broader level and need funding. In this context, lack of funding, library facilities, and accommodation are obstacles to their thesis work. For example, sometimes, students need to get information from a premium website. It may be possible that they’ll need to buy data for conducting their post-graduate research. To cater to this issue, students should be provided with adequate funding so that they can manage their post-graduate thesis.

Lack of Discussion

Lack of discussion with the supervisors or colleagues brings forth gaps within the research and can affect your other abilities as well. It will affect your research abilities with respect to the topic. If you’re discussing it with your advisor, you will be confused in the end.  You will be stuck in the middle of your post-graduate research. You will not be able to manage the aspect of research on your dissertation. Hence frequent discussions with the supervisor are important. This is because through these you’ll get an idea of how you will conduct research. It also creates or enhances your interest in the dissertation. It increases your ability to research complex phenomena as well. Supervisors mostly quote that students do not realize the importance of discussion for post-graduate dissertation. They mostly avoid this discussion. And doing this affects their overall performance.

Lack of Resources and Thesis Formats

Students have to face a lack of resources when they’re writing their post-graduate thesis. It is possible that you might not have enough resources for conducting your complex post-graduate research. You might lack a resource that fulfills your standard too. The lack of thesis formats is another issue here. This is because post-graduate dissertations are mostly different, and complex. Scientific post-graduate researches are especially complex. Most of the time, you have to formulate your own format. You have to select methods and standards as per your research. But in these researches, there is no standard format that you can follow.

These were the potential research issues that you can face while working on a post-graduate research dissertation.

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